ACID implements a proactive approach to cyber security: it provides a supplementary layer of protection by initiating widespread searches to detect potential threats and risks long before actual attacks commence, as opposed to responding to hostile action once it takes place, after damage has been done.

ACID provides real-time detection of cyberattacks as early as in their initial planning stage, allowing organizations to foil them or mitigate their consequences.


ACID DIP – Digital Identity Protection
Supplements ACID Intelligence with real-time detection of tampering on different digital platforms, by continuously performing six
additional actions.

ACID Intelligence

Real-time Cyber Intelligence, advance detection of threats before
they materialize, based on 24/7/365 searches
covering multiple identifiers that potentially
place the organization at risk, with immediate,
detailed alerts.

Real Time

Real-time detection ensures clients receive alerts instantly at the first hint of a threat, detailing all available information. Continuous monitoring ensures additional information is reported as it becomes available. The early alert and the detailed data concerning the threat provide valuable additional response time and support the planning and implementation of threat-specific, effective countermeasures.

75% of enterprises’ information security budgets will be allocated for rapid detection and response approaches by 2020, up from less than 10 percent in 2012: “Breach detection is top of mind for security buyers and the field of security technologies claiming to find breaches or detect advanced attacks is at an all-time noise level”

Comprehensive coverage

Continuous monitoring of countless sources, including visible Internet sites, social networks, IRC chats, deep web, dark net and more, in numerous languages.

Customized intelligence

Searches based on client-defined keywords that are automatically translated into multiple languages, for the most pinpointed, relevant and accurate results.

Immediate deployment

Provided as SaaS – no need for software installation on client servers. Tailored to meet clients’ specific needs within minutes to days, in the most complex and extreme cases.

A well-planned response, carefully designed on the basis of all available attack data, and implemented in a timely manner, can prevent data leakage, harm to the organization’s business and reputation, and the prospect of legal action by its affected clients.

Demand for cyber insurance has grown considerably: The insurance industry took in $2.5 billion in premiums on policies to protect companies from losses resulting from hacks.
Lloyd’s Insurance

$100 million cyber-insurance policies will become the norm
Forrester Research prediction

ACID Intelligence and ACID DIP, which allow taking effective action to counter threats of attacks even before they commence, significantly mitigates the risks faced by organizations, and may considerably reduce their insurance premiums.

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